About Dom:


I'm an ex-Metropolitan Police detective, working in counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence and anti-corruption. My beat was in places you won't read about in tour guides, the characters I met stranger than fiction. Before I joined the Met, I was an army reservist. Infantry and the Intelligence Corps, leaving me with an enduring respect for our veterans. 

A few years back I was having a rough time (it's that sort of job). A shrink said, "why not write something down?" I'd always liked the idea, but a cop story? It seemed like too much of a busman's holiday. Instead, I wanted to create something reminiscent of the stories I loved reading... Jack Higgins and Len Deighton, Mark Timlin and Philip Kerr. The stuff of hard-boiled thrillers and Sunday afternoon war movies, full of action and dark humour. And fantasy too, from Michael Moorcock to Robert E. Howard. 

Check out my blog and instagram for other stuff I'm interested in: watches, para-politics, games, pop culture and an unhealthy obsession with tanks. You can usually find me on Facebook too.

Any questions? Drop me a line, it would be great to hear from you.