About Dom:


Thanks for visiting my website. I'm an ex-Metropolitan Police detective - my beat was in places you won't read about in tour guides, the characters I met stranger than fiction. A few years back I was having a rough time (it's that sort of job). A shrink said, "why not write something down?" 


I'd always liked the idea, but a cop story? It seemed like too much of a bus-man's holiday. Instead, I wanted to write something reminiscent of the stories I loved reading... Jack Higgins and Len Deighton, Mark Timlin and Philip Kerr. The stuff of hard-boiled thrillers and Sunday afternoon war movies, full of action, suspense and dark humour.


Then, later, I decided to write fantasy too. My reading habits had always been an even split between thrillers and speculative fiction, from Michael Moorcock to Robert E. Howard. Then, later, I became a fan of writers like Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence. My latest book, 'Timberwolf', mashes up my love of thrillers and war movies with fantasy and science-fiction. 

Please check out my blog and Instagram for other stuff I'm interested in: I collect watches, I'm intrigued by para-politics, gaming, movies, pop culture and I also suffer from an unhealthy obsession with tanks. You can usually find me on Facebook too.

Any questions? Drop me a line, it would be great to hear from you.