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ADLER HQ SITREP – November 2018

Hello. After the release of ‘Dark as Angels’ in September, the autumn has seen me getting stuck into some editing, mainly for Timberwolf (more of which soon). I’ve still managed to some side-action, though…

The first project sees the return of Cal Winter! I’ve got a short story in a new thriller compilation called Death Toll 3 (edited by Alex Shaw, with stories by Paul D Brazill and Matt Hilton among others). Cal travels to a remote Romanian castle to infiltrate a bizarre auction, attended by a select group of millionaires – but is Cal's mission assassination or something else? The story's called Sealed Bid, and should be out before Christmas.

I’ve got another tale appearing in It’s a Living, an anthology a stories about the mundane lives of everyday folk in fantasy worlds. Mine, Grosser and Coffin Lid Ride Out, concerns two lazy, drunken street cops who (badly) patrol a castle on the monster-infested borderlands. When their new boss implements a strict regime of performance management, dark sorcery beckons (yeah, it’s a comedy). I’ll update you of a release date when I’ve got one.

I’ve also been contributing to ex-Gunner Craig Douglas’s blog, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the British Army. You can read all about my heroic defence of Western Capitalism from the Soviets here, and later this week I'll be offering an amateur military historian’s take on military fashion.

Right, back to the editing, and if you want to be part of the never-ending carnival of hilarity, drama and main battle tanks that is my Facebook page, send me a Friend Request.



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