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Adler HQ SITREP - September 2018

Where did that long, hot summer go? Here in the UK it was steamy, but happily it’s almost over (I’m more of a temperate weather person). And while others have been frolicking in the waves, eating ice-cream and sitting in traffic jams on the M25… I’ve been trying to write. And so to the SITREP. Apart from my new novel DARK AS ANGELS (which gets its own blog post) I’ve had two other projects come together over the summer, namely:

* A short story, in an upcoming fantasy anthology called ‘It’s a Living’. The brief was to write a tale about the workaday citizens of a fantasy world – the clerks and librarians, the lawyers and accountants. My story, ‘Grosser and Coffin Lid Ride Out’ is about two drunk, lazy street cops who work in a castle near a dungeon. Yes, it’s a comedy, but any similarities between real-world police managers and the horrible Inspector Cornelius is purely coincidental. Expect to see this hit Amazon in time for Christmas.

* I’ve also got another short story on the go, in the forthcoming ‘Death Toll 3 – End Game’ crime and thriller anthology. My genre-bending tendencies are on display again (did you just assume my genre?), with a story called ‘The Calatrava.’ It’s about a private-eye’s search for a stolen Patek Philippe wristwatch on the mean streets of Shepherd’s Bush, circa 1993. My love of watches was always going to end up in a story, although I've never lusted after a Patek (although they are famous and ludicrously valuable). 'Death Toll 3 - End Game' should also be out by Christmas.

After all that stuff’s put to bed, I’m going to get started on the second draft of 'Timberwolf', which I re-read on holiday last month. It needs work, of course, but there’s a funny, exciting story in there. I’ve just got to carve it out of the big block of words I’ve made…

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