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Autumn Update - New Stuff

Just a quick update on stuff going on at the Schloss Adler. First of all I've a new publisher, Lume Books, who are republishing the first three Cal Winter novels. There's a bit of polish and new covers - The Ninth Circle is out now, The Devil's Work will be released in October and The Saint Jude Rules in November. They're also cheaper than before, so there's no excuse not to buy them!

I've also been busy talking to people. Over at Punk Noir magazine, I'm interviewed by John Wisniewski about how my time as a policeman influenced my writing, which also includes my not-very-top-secret MI6 anecdote.

There's also a longer interview over at Fantasy Book Critic with Mihir Wanchoo. I talk about Timberwolf, not winning competitions, fantasy fiction in general and of course Hans the Stuffed Badger.


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