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Dark as Angels - coming September 2018

My new novel, ‘Dark as Angels’ is out this month! Here’s the blurb…

· Rufus Hooker – trouble-shooter. Bounty-hunter. Private eye.

· Speciality – Missing Persons. Hostile environment retrieval.

Area of Operations – London’s war-torn No-Zone, recovering from a conflict begun by a transhuman elite known as The Archangels. Hired to find the Reconstruction Minister’s kidnapped daughter, Rufus and former Black Bloc rebel Leah Martinez find themselves deep inside Lagoon City’s festering barrios. There, they discover an inconvenient secret, one that threatens the shattered city’s reconstruction. As the clock ticks and riots blaze, Rufus must choose between the future and his mission.

Initially, I wanted to write a post-apocalyptic action romp - the earlier drafts of the book were more hardboiled and cartoony (don’t worry, it’s still pretty hardboiled and cartoony). And the main character, Rufus, was less sympathetic. As I wrote, though (the first draft went down in 2014), stuff happened in the real-world. Namely, the slow death of tolerance, along with the principle of people agreeing to disagree. This informed the ‘Hate Wars’ in the book, prompted by Archangels as a way of breaking the world so they could re-mould it in their own image. Apart from that, the book isn’t particularly political per se (although I was heavily influenced by the chaotic leftist factions of the Spanish Civil War when writing about the Communards living in Lagoon City, once upon a time the Thames Estuary). The technology in the book, on the other hand, is feasible – predicted by credible experts in their respective fields (you’ll see autonomous weapons platforms, gene therapy, neural uploads and combat stimulants, for example).

So under the hood of my ‘Mad Max meets Die Hard’ romp (and it is a romp) there’s some other stuff ticking away. If you don’t notice, or care, then it won’t really matter. And if you do, well enjoy. I like books that work on different levels, where you can take from them what you will.

We’re looking at an early-mid September release on Amazon eBook and Publish-on-Demand, and I'll let you know exactly when.

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