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New Year, New Stuff

This isn't me, not only do I have un-tattooed hands, I'm also on the wagon right now.

Happy New Year. I haven’t had a drink for eight days. That’s all I'm going to say about 2019 in general. However, on the writing front, ‘Timberwolf’ is complete (well, the third draft is) and is with readers. Hope to get this one out of the door by the end of spring this year. It’s a science-fantasy set in a 1940's-style world that isn't ours – imagine Sven Hassel, Ian Fleming and George Macdonald Fraser’s ‘Flashman’, but with demons, gods and sorcery and I guess you might be on the right track.

Two short stories are out soon. ‘Sealed Bid’, my first Cal Winter story for a while, is out on 31st January (I’m in the same anthology as Matt Hilton for Chrissakes!) in ‘Death Toll 3: End Game’. You can find out what Cal’s up to now he’s left The Firm and working for Gruppo Strega, the organisation founded by the surviving operators at the end of ‘The Saint Jude Rules’. Then there’s ‘Grosser and Coffin Lid Ride Out’ (a fantasy short) scheduled for March 31st in the ‘It’s a Living’ anthology (I’ll release more details for that one as I get ‘em).

I’m still writing for Craig’s ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the British Army’, an ongoing series of deeply silly nonsense based mainly on (a) my passion for military history and (b) my utterly undistinguished time as an army reservist during the late 80's and early 90's. A new article by me pops up every other Friday (this week it’s field rations, a subject with more to it than you might think).

Then, of course, there’s the new book. I’ve been genre-bending recently – after the Cal Winter trilogy it’s an itch I want to scratch. Last year I released ‘Dark as Angels’ which has enjoyed some good feedback (and might get a sequel) and of course there’s Timberwolf. As I'm an indie writer on the whole, I'm free to do what I like for now. That could change, but I’ll cross that bridge if anyone builds it. Anyhow, the new book is me taking the Busman’s Holiday and writing a proper police / crime thriller. I think being an ex-copper isn't the advantage you might think, ironically – too much reality ain't necessarily a writer’s best friend (I’ve had a few false starts – I want to write something exciting and entertaining, but the temptation to create a polemic is always there). All I’ll say at the moment is this one’s gonna make ‘The Long Good Friday’ look like an episode of ‘Call the Midwife’.

Stay tuned, and I might see you on my Facebook page. A quick word about that - I get the occasional friend request from people I don't know and sometimes delete them. If you're a reader, just send me a message saying so and I'll add you (as some folks already have).

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