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The Ninth Circle
Captain Cal Winter, MC: Iraq veteran, recovering addict and reluctant assassin. Cal’s bloody past catches up with him when he's assigned to protect a Russian oligarch. Sergei Belov, multi-millionaire patron to a controversial internet whistle-blower, has access to a trove of secrets, secrets the Russian FSB is determined to get. Their mission - kill Belov.
The streets of London explode into violence as Cal hunts down the FSB assassins, proving the best form of defence is attack. His team of veterans enlist the help of a Russian intelligence officer, tracking the Russian mafia gang supporting the FSB operation. And who are the bizarre cult of Dante-quoting dispossessed who also want Belov dead?

The Devil's Work

Nominated for the People's Book Prize


A war-blighted African state, in thrall to the Chinese…
A rogue British security contractor, interred in a high security prison… A dysfunctional MI6 team under suspicion of betrayal, tasked with staging a rescue…

Enter Cal Winter and the The Firm, tasked with planning a daring assault on a heavily-guarded African fortress. But Cal has another off-the-books objective: discover the traitor inside MI6,  turned by the Chinese Ministry of State Security. The mission soon becomes a desperate war-zone whodunnit; the only prize betrayal or sudden death. Outnumbered and out-gunned, Cal’s team are hunted by elite Chinese commandos in a blood-soaked game of espionage and deception...

The Saint Jude Rules

​2007: Penniless and desperate, Cal Winter is coerced into working for a band of freelance paramilitaries known as The Firm. Ten years later, he plots revenge. Armed with a secret file of The Firm's dirtiest secrets, Winter returns to London. There he discovers the organisation has evolved into something even worse…

Winter assembles a careworn team of The Firm's cast-offs and misfits. Their enemy is the new breed of a ruthless warrior elite, information warfare specialists battle-honed in the West's 'Forever Wars'. From Iceland to the lonely marshes of England's southern coast, Winter must stop The Firm. Not only to save the country he once scorned, but to fulfil his vow to be a better man.

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